Shamanism is the world's oldest spiritual pathway.
It has neither laws nor temples: it is based simply on journeying into the Other Reality and encountering Spirits, without any intermediaries. It is an ancient way in which medicine, magick and mysticism are inextricably merged. To the eyes of the shaman, illness and pain are paths in the forest, where we get lost, but can return -- and shamans are the seekers of our lost souls.
Their techniques are so old and fundamental that they're quite similar all over the world, used by peoples as far apart as the Amazonian Indians and the Australian aboriginals.
These same techniques can be used today in modern societies and they're still as powerful as they have been for over 30,000 years.
This site is intended as a virtual meeting place for Western shamanic practitioners.
However we also wish to afford those who know little or nothing about this millennia-old way the chance of getting help for their personal power, healing and knowledge.

Little by little I'm uploading some writings on shamanic practice as well as on the shamanic worldview and way of healing.
Most part of what I share cannot be found on books teaching shamanism, so I hope it'll be helpful to non-beginners too.

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About Shamanism

Shamanism is not a system of beliefs , or a philosophy, or a theory about the world. It isn't a religion either, as usually intended.
Shamanism is just the natural, immediate way of seeing the world, the attitude we had when children, before Western education repressed it.
Shamanism is what stands before any religious or scientific creed.

Who are Shamans?

Shamans practice the ancient art of treating Spirits, personal beings who live behind or beyond Material Reality.
Shamans know how to journey into the Worlds where Spirits dwell and how to master them.
They are able to draw a "map of the jungle" to help their own communities step in the right direction along the pathways of life, especially the most challenging ones: illness, pain, lack of meaning, difficult choices, death.
They help their people stay in balance with the universe, with the Powers of Nature, the Spirits of plants and animals, the Spirits of the Dead and the Spirits from the Invisible Realms. more

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Online Shamanic Divination

Westeners often think that shamans don't use divination oracles, like I Ching or tarot decks. Shamans are only believed to interrogate Spirits directly, in a trance.
That's not totally true.
Native shamans from most of traditions use oracles, first of all to avoid visiting and disturbing Spirits for whatever thing they need.
Only after reading the oracle, the shaman may decide to journey to the Spirit Worlds in order to get a better understanding or to change the future if the response was unlucky.

Many shamanistic traditions have developed powerful means of divination.
This is also a gift that shamans give to common people to help them in the challenges of life.

Here I offer you an oracle which was invented by Mongolian shamans in ancient times. I learned it when visiting Mongolia a decade ago.
Mongolians consult it by throwing 5 identical coins.
You can try it the online version, by "throwing" virtual coins.
Good luck!

go to the 5 Coin Oracle

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Who is Tsunki?

Francesco "Tsunki" de Giorgio has lived together with the Shuar (Jíbaro) people in the Amazon rainforest. He was a student of the great Uwishín (Shaman) Vicente Júa and he is the only one whom his master transmitted his Powers to, before reuniting with his ancestors – he was over one hundred years old. Tsunki spends every year some months in wild and powerful natural places, to find ancestral wisdom and bring it to the West.
When he doesn't travel, he does shamanic healings, teaches and gives workshops in Italy and Switzerland.
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