Mongolian 5 coin Oracle

Oracles making use of coins are very popular in Mongolia. Mongolian influence probably drove the Chinese to interrogate the I Ching by using coins instead of yarrow stalks, which was the original method.

In ancient times Mongolian shamans developed this 5 coin oracle to help common people consult the Spirits.
This oracle is very trustworthy and accurate and it's still widely used in Mongolia.
It uses 5 coins, because 5 is the number of the Man (having 2 legs, 2 arms and 1 head) and besides the Stars ruling human fortune often look to have 5 points.

We best use original Mongolian or Chinese coins, made out of bronze, a sacred alloy dating back to the mankind's first contacts with metals.
The more ancient an oracle and its tools are the greater the Power it has accumulated over time is.
Here we use 5 "virtual" Mongolian coins.
They have different writings on either side and the tradition fixes one side as positive (heads) and the opposite as negative (tails). This way:

Heads Heads Tails Tails

Not only the numbers of heads and tails are important, the order of them is too.
So we have 32 different omens (answers).

After clicking the "Throw" button you'll receive one of the omens. Each omen has a general statement plus - possibly - specific predictions for:

  • Business. Concerning business, work, money and material possessions.
  • Love and family. It's about love affairs, family life, marriage...
  • Health. Concerning health, illness, medical and alternative cares.
  • Travel. In ancient times, when the oracle was developed, travel was pretty dangerous. Nowadays this section applies to real journeys and also to challenging enterprises driving you out of your familiar environment and safeness.
  • conflicts. It applies to any kind of dispute, argument and lawsuit.

You should read both the general statement and the specific prediction. Whenever the latter conflicts the general statement, the sole specific prediction will apply.
Some omens include a Shamanic advice: it has not been added by me, it is traditional and should be listened to.

Do not ask the same question twice or your omens will lose all of their value.
Mongolian shamans recommend not to repeat a question before 24 hours have elapsed.