How to recognize your shamanic calling

Some evidences to find out if Spirits call us to shamanize have been handed down to us from ancient times.
Spirits place some marks in the future shaman's body, which can only be read in the Other Reality, whereas they look meaningless here.
To let you recognize such marks, I've made it this test.
Answer the following questions and you'll find out if Spirits are calling you to become a shaman.
Shamans are chosen by Spirits, indeed.
So are true medical doctors and true artists, as a matter of fact. A shaman is actually an artist. Shamanism is quite an art.
Shamans are often shamans' children in native peoples, but it's no genetic transmission: some shamanistic talents may be hereditary, that's true, but the most important reason of the familiar occurrence is that Spirits find it easier to call a shaman's son or daughter, because they've grown up in an environment familiar to shamanistic tradition and techniques.

First of all, your shamanic calling may be revealed by the following marks dating back to your birth or early childhood: .

  1. Does any of your parents have paranormal abilities, such as predictive dreams, telepathy or a real tarot reading talent? Or are they able to cure or relieve physical pains by using hands? This sign is stronger if the gifted parent is the mother, because the mother-to-children transmission is more frequent. Also a gifted grandparent may apply.

  2. Were you born "with a caul", which is a thin membrane enveloping the head? This is worldwide recognized as a sign of a special relationship with the Spirit Worlds.

  3. Were you born with extra fingers or toes? It's a typical sign of a shamanic calling.

  4. Are you or have you been epileptic? You may be called to something important, possibly to shamanship, but it's not sure.

  5. Have you a physical impairment dating back to childhood or birth? Especially deafness and limp may be signs of a shamanic calling

Other bodily marks not always dating back to childhood or birth are:

  1. Have you been stroke by a lightning or by a high-power electric shock? Whether it happened when a child or grown-up, it's a very certain sign of shamanic calling

  2. Have you fortunately survived a fire or a shipwreck? Or have you been on the verge of drowning?

  3. Have you fallen sick from a seemingly serious and odd-symptomed disease, which doctors found difficult to classify?
    This is the classical sacred illness, quite a certain sign of a shamanic calling.

  4. Have you survived a deep coma or an apparent death?
    According to shamans, you have gone to the Land of the Dead and have returned. A person usually brings back shamanic powers from such a terrifying and dangerous journey.

  5. Have you recovered from a serious disease, even if different from the cases H and I? It may be a sacred illness anyway, but it's not sure.

  6. Do you suffer from a chronical and incurable illness? This may be a different kind of sacred illness

B to K bodily marks are uncommon and typical of great shamans-to-be.
More frequent signs concern personality:

  1. When a child, would you feel the urge to go into the wild alone for long periods, possibly to spend nights there? This is a typical sign of shamanic calling.

  2. As a child, were you a loner? Did people consider you eccentric or "different"?

  3. Have you seen, as a child or grown-up, glimpses of the future or had repeated cases of verifiable dèjá-vu? E.g. while going to an unknown place, have you ever happened to be aware of what lies around the corner, to tell somebody and then to prove it correct? Cases of not verified dèjá vu don't apply.

  4. Have you ever shown power to cure illness or to relieve physical pains, e.g. by praying over or imposing hands on a sick person? Events of self-healing don't apply.

  5. Have you ever seen ghosts or UFOs or felt that Spirits have contacted you someway?

  6. Have you happened to encounter the same animal several times in different dreams? Or have you repeatedly encountered the same teacher figure, i.e. a wise and authorative man or woman, possibly an Indian or other Native? They are Guardian Spirits, entering your dreams to call you to shamanize.

  7. Have you had several dreams that predicted the future or that showed present or past events you didn't know of, but you could verify later?

  8. Do you often have vivid and uncommon dreams? This means that your soul is attracted by the Other Reality and it may be a hallmark of shamanic calling.

  9. In this ordinary reality, have you met with the same animals a great deal of times, possibly in unusual ways?

  10. Do you have the urge to learn how to become a shaman? This is one most reliable marks of your shamanic calling, especially if you don't realize the motive of it and the urge is very pressing.


  • If you answered yes to 1 (or more) of the A to K questions and to no less than 3 out of the 1 to 10 questions, congratulations! I wish you the best luck for your future life as a shaman! Your calling can be considered certain, even though you still need that the Spirits confirms it.
    Same result if you answered yes to 2 of the A to K questions plus to 2 of the 1 to 10 questions.

  • In case you answered yes to 1 of the A to K questions and to 2 of the 1 to 10 questions, your calling is pretty sure

  • Did you reply yes to 1 of the A to K questions and to 1 of the 1-10 questions? Your shamanic calling is nearly certain

  • You answered yes to 3 questions? Your calling to become a shaman is likely.

  • If you only replied yes to 2 questions out of the 1 to 10 set, your calling is very possible, but less sure.

There may be other signs of shamanic calling anyway - if you believe to be called to shamanize and especially if you answered yes to the question # 10, be free to contact me.