Shamanism and Psychology

Another example

A young man I have already mentioned, who was anxious for his upcoming wedding, bombarded me and some of my apprentice shamans with help requests.
In his psychological contortions he was concerned about the diminished desire for his fiancée, the doubt of being homosexual (that magically vanished as it had arrived!) and other dilemmas on his future, seen as a trap.
Of course if you suggested him that he should not get married, neither did he accept this, because he did love his fiancée. Then he felt despised by the others, he had an inferiority complex (here it comes...), etc...
He wondered what he wanted to do in life, if he wanted to get married or stay single, etc...
He called on a psychologist and he prescribed him drugs.
When it came to a shamanic healing session, I discovered that he had a very poorly payed job, that his wife did not have any, that his mother helped him financially while his parents-in-law-to-be payed for his apartment rent.
In this situation it is not strange that the prospect of a marriage made him anxious!
But in the amount of his messages the only trace of the real problems was an incidental, "the work goes badly..."
I told him the shaman's view on the real issue and... he immediately disappeared!

We are transparent to almost all the invisible beings passing by. Just like this woman's face is crossed by fish and birds in a painting by the australian artist Michael McCrea (© Michael McCrea 2007)

The shaman's view was just that some men only get married when they have found their "territory", i.e. an area in which they are socially accepted, not necessarily by the whole society, but even by a small group they feel to belong to. This territory pays them a living, because social acceptance is also measured by how able you are to support a family, otherwise it's just words and illusion.
Other men however form a family when they are just embarking on the conquest of territory and the joint efforts with their partner will help them succeed.
Both ways are good.
But if a man has no territory and no prospect, except being maintained by mother and inlaws, to have a family is very inopportune.
Get some prospect for your future, start working and then you can form a family.

After I said this, I repeat, the young man who would send me a message a day, vanished.
The insoluble psychological problems are in fact used as a cover for real problems, which have a solution but we don't want to face.

Futility of psychotherapy

Since the scientific dogma entitled the passing spirits to citizenship within us and turned ridiculous phenomena into real misfortunes, you'd think that psychotherapy is by now needed, at least to solve the problems we created by ourselves.
Pero no es así, it's NOT true.

Bringing a young rascal into your house and making him believe that he is the landlord or at least the landlord's son, does not make him really powerful. Believing that an unimportant Spirit is an important person, gives it power over our lives, but actually does not make it powerful, does not change its nature. It is enough to kick it in order to get it out!
By being used to give importance to what has not any, psychology is more harmful than anything else.
The unique genius of psychoanalysis and of most of psychotherapies sis that they are very profitable: because the problems are not real and cannot be cured, the treatment will virtually last forever.
However most of such iwianch's, even if they settle in our homes, will finally leave by themselves sooner or later, so the client will look to recover and the therapy will look effective. It is like saying that we have "cured" the waviness of the sea: if we prolongs the treatment until the wind changes, we will be able to say "see, it is effective!"
Other Spirits unfortunately do not leave, but from time to time they fall asleep and even in this case the long therapy will seem effective.
In any case the client, now accustomed to give importance to anything, is going to fall sick again and come back to that therapist or turn to a new one.

Soul and Spirit ... but what the hell are they?

The psyche is a kind of sense organ that responds to all stimuli and Spirits of the present, it is a set of incidental and surface phenomena, disconnected from the past and unaware of the future.
If you give it importance, you'll get locked in an aeternal present, only concerned about daily life and unmindful of the future at best - at worst the future will only give you anxiety.
In other words, you'll become an ideal subject of this civilization: a consumer just devoted to his or her own daily comfort!
What is truly important is not the psyche, but the soul and the spirit, which no longer exist in the modern men's eyes.
So when a modern client is treated by a shaman with a soul retrieval, they believe that a part of their psyche is being cured.
As for the spirit, no one even remembers what it is!

Yet the soul hunt (or soul retrieval) only indirectly may affect the psyche, since the soul is a totally different thing: it is our whole being (in this single life), or rather our life and vital essence, which wants to exist and go somewhere, an essence of which the body is a partial materialization.
So we may have lost our soul, but be technically still alive and have a fat psyche  full of troubles...

A little sad instance of soul

A few years ago I treated a woman in her forties who suffered from a severe soul loss.
Once the soul had returned, the woman - as the ritual requires - spoke with it, but could not - would not - understand what it was telling her. I found out that the soul was asking her to make a choice of life, otherwise it would not remain.
The woman was married to a man and had an affair with another. The husband wasn't aware of her relationship, but she had been refusing to make love with him for many years by advancing psychological excuses (!). She did't want to tell him the truth nor to leave him. Neither did she want to check whether her lover would really want her. She preferred to go on that way, as she had always done in her life, without making any choice.

Some time later she phoned me, told me that the soul recovery had not given results, and that she even had a sense that the soul had left her.
I asked her if she had made her choice. She said no. Then she asked if the choice could be just an inner choice, a sort of major understanding of what she wanted.
I replied no, that the choice should be put into practice and that an only interior choice doesn't exist.
She replayed with dismay: "Oh, it must be a practical thing, huh?".
I could not do anything for her because, as I said, she was not in touch with her soul.

Shortly afterwards the woman fell sick of stomach cancer and died in a few months. The soul had dissolved every bond with her and finally had left for a more real life.

Essential parts of the soul actually do not limit themselves to this existence, neither were they born in it, but they run in the Flow from one life to another, accomplishing a plan of Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky, which transcends our individual lives. Souls come from other lives, are rooted in the ancestry from which we are born and travel to the future and to future lives even if they do not know why.
On the other hand the spirit is sometimes considered as a part of the soul connecting us to the Heavenly Worlds and drawing us towards the ultimate meaning of life and the universe.
In reality I, as shaman, know that soul and spirit are defined not according to what they are, but to what they do. The spirit is basically the soul, when it yearns and pushes towards a goal that transcends it, transcends its individual life and even its own stream of lives to open up to the infinity and the Sky.
Only Soul and spirit matter.

The fatal mistake

The tragic mistake of this civilization is that after the promulgation of the dogma of materialism, it got gradually convinced that humans are only concerned about security, good health and material prosperity.
In contrast, spiritual wishes are far more important and stronger than the material ones. And men and women need much less the well-being than the faith and enthusiasm for a higher project trascending them and for which to live and, if necessary, to die.
This terrible mistake will eventually lead our materialistic and consumer civilization to a fatal crash. And not much time is left for this.